Top 10 Gipuzkoa

Pintxos in Donostia – San Sebastian

In Gipuzkoa you can have a great meal on some very small helpings. Pintxos are a fun and versatile way of enjoying our cuisine.

It's a chance to taste some of the finest creations from different kitchens. It's a bit like having a tasting menu on the hoof. You can put together your own meal from different dishes in a single bar or make a “pintxo crawl” out of it, going from one establishment to another. Some pintxos are quite simple, such as the wonderful "gilda" — guindilla chilis, anchovy and olives on a cocktail stick, a locally-invented homage to Rita Hayworth; others are much more sophisticated, true examples of haute cuisine in miniature. Although pintxo culture first originated in San Sebastian, today you can find great examples in practically every town and village in Gipuzkoa, especially in Hondarribia and Tolosa.