Top 10 Gipuzkoa

Surf Spots

Zurriola, Zumaia, Zarautz...

Zurriola: Zurriola Beach, in the Gros district of Donostia-San Sebastian, is one of three beaches in the capital. However, it is the only surfing beach, as the other two are sheltered from the waves by the Island of Santa Clara. There are several peaks which regularly attract surfers of all levels. It has a strong left-breaking wave on the Sagues wall where the experts normally go, and a right-breaking peak, frequented by less experienced surfers and surf schools. Zumaia: The sea plays a major role in the life of all the coastal towns of Gipuzkoa; Zumaia —an ideal location for bodyboarding— is well known for its cliffs and the unique geological appeal of its spectacular flysch, including the remains of a meteorite, best enjoyed from a special boat fitted out for educational tours. Zarautz: Zarautz, with its 2.5 kilometres of fine golden sand, is the longest beach in Gipuzkoa. The beautiful sands, dotted with colourful canopies, has a lively maritime promenade, packed with bars, cafes and restaurants. The unsheltered beach has some great waves and attracts surfers from around the world. Indeed, Zarautz has one of the best range of surf schools in Europe. Getaria: Gaztetape is a small family beach in the municipal area of Getaria that enjoys good waves. There are variable mostly beach-breaking peaks, although there are also some reef breaks. Deba: Santiago beach in Deba is one of the best known in Gipuzkoa, and together with Lapari beach, forms a large expanse of sand with eleven peerless waves for surfers of all levels. It is an ideal venue, not only for surfing, but also bodyboarding, paddle-boarding and a range of other water sports. In autumn and winter, one of the largest waves on the Basque coast forms in the Sorginetxe area.

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