The soul of every village

As one of the richest and oldest cultures in Europe, Gipuzkoa has a significant number of churches dating back to the Middle Ages.

These are monuments exude a special atmosphere, with buildings steeped in stories of families and dignitaries. They are places that generate an aura of splendour and magnificence.

Sanctuary of Loiola
Today the shrine is one of the main draws of spiritual tourism in the Basque Country.
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Sanctuary of Arantzazu
At that point, people from the towns of Oñati and Arrasate began to make pilgrimages to the site.
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Cathedral of El Buen Pastor (the Good Shepherd)
The Buen Pastor Cathedral is the largest religious building in Donostia–San Sebastian.
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Hermitage of La Antigua
La Antigua is considered the 'cathedral' of Basque chapels and hermitages.
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Church of Santa Maria, Donostia–san Sebastian
Built against the southern side of Mount Urgull, in the heart of the old quarter, the Basilica of Santa María del Coro is one of the most visited architectural works in the city.
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Church of San Miguel, Oñati
This is a fine example of a church built over a period of three centuries, with features added in different styles.
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Church of Santa Maria, Deba
The Church of Santa María (a listed Spanish national monument since 1931), is considered to be one of the finest works of religious architecture in the Basque Country.
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Church of San Salvador, Getaria
This church is considered to be one of the great Gothic jewels of the Basque Country and has been a listed national monument since 1895.
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Church of San Andres, Astigarribia
In its time, the small neighbourhood of Astigarribia was one of the most important points on the northern branch of the Camino de Santiago and a major halting site for pilgrims from all over Europe travelling through Gipuzkoa.
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Church of La Asunción (the Assumption), Hondarribia
Erected on the remains of the former town walls, the church stands in the medieval centre of Hondarribia, one of the towns with greatest tourist appeal in Gipuzkoa.
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Church of San Vicente, Donostia-san Sebastian
Situated in the city’s old quarter, the church of San Vicente is thought to be the oldest church in Donostia-San Sebastian.
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