Basque Cousine

Gipuzkoa is a 2,000 km2 restaurant where cooking is an essential part of culture and life.

From buying the raw material in traditional markets right up to the kitchen or the grill. all this is a meticulous culinary process, that is committed to and respectful of the final result: the diner’s pleasure. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert.

Idiazabal Cheese

Our traditional cheese is exquisite and highly regarded. It is made from raw ewes' milk from the Latxa sheep, a breed native to the Basque Country.

This artisanal cheese has been crafted since time immemorial by generations of shepherds. The cheese is named after a small town in Rural Paradise, Idiazabal, with its own appellation of origin since 1987.

Idiazabal cheese visitors centre

Find out all the secrets of the denomination of origin for this famous cheese. Located in Idiazabal, it includes a beginners’ cheese tasting course looking at fragrance, colour and flavour.


The raw material of the festival: Markets, fairs and gastronomic events.

Above and beyond the skills of its acclaimed chefs, there's another secret behind the Gipuzkoa´s culinary success: the highest quality ingredients and an endless supply of fresh local products. The markets in many towns provide the best illustration of the fruits of the local farmers' labour. A pleasure for the senses!


One of the oldest markets in Spain.

The Ordizia farmers market has been held every Wednesday since 1512. It is here that prices are established for fruit and vegetables sold elsewhere in the Basque Country. This market is a reference for farmers throughout the San Sebastian Region and a showcase for local, seasonal produce. Ordizia – the market of markets.


Saturday is the best day to visit Tolosa.

The Tolosa market, held every Saturday for centuries, is considered one of the most traditional in the Basque Country. The market is laid out in three areas: the most typical locally-produced products are sold at the Tinglado marketplace (Zerkausia in Basque); flowers and plants are sold at Plaza Verdura; and foreign products andtextiles are sold at Plaza Euskal Herria.


Meat and fish at their finest.

If you like to tuck into a good steak that’s been cooked medium rare on a smouldering grill, or if nothing pleases you more than eating delicious grilled sea bream or some tasty squid, turbot or monkfish, in the Gipuzkoa we have the perfect gastronomic plan to give your taste buds a treat.

For example, come along to the beautiful fishing towns of Getaria and Orio. The first thing that hits you is the smell of the hot coals and when you walk down one of their picturesque streets, you’ll be amazed by the grills on the street, where the restaurant chefs come outside to cook the freshest of fish, brought straight from the market, and the seafood from their own hatcheries.

If what you want is to eat a top-quality steak, in Tolosa you won’t be able to get enough of the excellent beef that has been slow cooked on a charcoal grill. In this town, which is in a league of its own when it comes to grilling beef strips, a number of its restaurants are Meccas for beef-lovers, where they delicately, carefully and artfully prepare a selection of delicious products.