Industrial historical heritage

Living history

You’ll see that Gipuzkoa preserves treasures from a landscape shaped by humans for millennia.
Natural beauty and human activity are combined to create spectacular landscapes that, in turn, are witnesses to our past.

Aizpea Mines
Iron mining has played a very important part in the history of Gipuzkoa. The landscape of the Zerain area, in particular, has been marked by the local iron and coal mines.
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The Arditurri mines ran almost non-stop for 2000 years.
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Sastarrain Valley
The Valley of Sastarrain runs peacefully from the spa town of Zestoa to the base of the impressive massif of Mount Izarraitz.
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An underground baroque cathedral created by the forces of nature.
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San Adrián Tunnel
In ancient times, this mythical site was believed to be the entrance to the underworld. As well as funerary remains, evidence has been found of prehistoric occupation.
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The reconstruction of the old loading jetty at Mollarri, used to load iron onto ships anchored offshore, offers an interesting insight into the industrial past of Zarautz. Visitors can also enjoy some spectacular views over the sea and towards Getaria.
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