Unique landscapes

Astonishing natural beauty at every turn

Gipuzkoa is a genuine natural paradise where, apart from the extensive areas of natural beauty, you’ll also be amazed by hidden spots that conceal hypnotic landscapes.

San Antón
San Antón is one of the most important look-out points in the Basque Country. It offers magnificent views of the Basque coast, all the way from Cape Higer to Cape Matxitxako.
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Urkulu Reservoir
This beautiful outdoor area located in the municipality of Aretxabaleta
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Lastur Valley
The Lastur valley stands in the heart of the Basque Coast Geopark. There is a wide range of activities in the area.
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Sakoneta beach
This is a beautiful wild cove in Deba, off the road to Zumaia. It is a perfect place to admire the flysch landscape.
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Mount Adarra
Mount Adarra, 811 metres in height, stands ten kilometres to the south of Donostia-San Sebastian. In the Basque language, it is also known as Adarramendi.
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This mountain range stretches from the harbour mouth at Pasaia to Cape Higer in Hondarribia and takes in the fascinating town of Lezo, in the east of Gipuzkoa.
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The Larraitz district in Abaltzisketa is the natural gateway to the Aralar Nature Park.
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