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Sixty kilometres of coastline outline Gipuzkoa’s profile against the sea.

A coastline with prominent cliffs, fearless beaches that face the swell of the Cantabrian Sea and a parade of delightful traditional authentic fishing villages, where everything, absolutely everything is lovely: the views, alleys, squares, shops, restaurants and people. All this, sprinkled with the very best aromas from the gastronomic delights that come directly from the sea.

For centuries this seafaring town was a whaling port.
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In 1843 the French writer Victor Hugo landed in Pasaia and liked it so much that he decided to stay a while.
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A pretty fishing village whose inhabitants historically made their livelihood by whale hunting.
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Orio, some 17 km west of Donostia – San Sebastian, has a long tradition of fishing, shipbuilding —along the banks of the estuary— and port activity.
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Situated at the mouth of the Deba river, in the most western area of Gipuzkoa, the town of Deba forms part of the Debabarrena region.
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Zumaia stands in a magnificent location on the coast of Gipuzkoa, bordering the sea and the bay where the Urola and Narrondo rivers meet.
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The coastal town of Zarautz stands just 15 kilometres from Donostia–San Sebastian.
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Time is running out in Hondarribia, and one wonders if it would not be a good idea to come and live in this wonderful town.
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