Where history is alive

The villages in the interior of Gipuzkoa are above all the landscape of Gipuzkoa.

Villages with a clearly defined identity that are teeming with life, history, culture, markets, cobbled streets, cozy restaurants that will entrance you right from the start. With the thousands of shades of green that covers meadows and forests, but also the pelota courts in villages. The pelota court by the square and the church is a common feature of all of them; starting out from there, you’´ll see that each village is a new world to be discovered.

The town of Azpeitia is well known for the Sanctuary of Loiola, birthplace of Saint Ignatius of Loiola
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Oñati is the town with the greatest number of monuments in Gipuzkoa.
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The buildings in the old town are also worth a visit.
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Oiartzun's medieval centre holds great historical interest
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The town was founded in 1256 by Alfonso X the Wise, King of Castile, to protect the roads leading from the central plateau to the other side of the Pyrenees.
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Founded in the 13th century, Tolosa was the capital of Gipuzkoa province for 10 years.
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In Bergara, your stay can be just as intense as you want it to be.
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Nowadays Urretxu still maintains the characteristics of its medieval origins in its historical quarter, designed by its residents in 1383 when King Juan I of Castile granted the Municipal Charter to the town. As well as authorizing the residents to distribute plots of land, it also included the right to design the town centre.
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Unlike the other three peoples who had a later industrialization, in Legazpi, the history of iron began in the 11th century, with the wind forges that were located in the mountains (called “haizeolak” wind forges or “gentiletxeak” houses of gentiles).
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Zumarraga, at first, was formed by separate areas. The first settlement developed in the mountains, far from the foot of the valley.
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The municipality of Astigarraga combines like nowhere else the growing intense industrial activity with traditional agriculture and fishing activities.
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