Top 10 Gipuzkoa

Sagardo-route: we take you to a cider house

Gipuzkoa is the cradle of cider and its cider houses.

You will have the opportunity to take a guided tour through the different areas where cider is produced: the apple orchards, presses, production areas, farms and wineries among others. Also you will have the chance to learn the history of the villages with 500 years and also the life of the families that used to life there. After the visit, we will taste the cider. And finally, this unique dining experience will finish with a lunch or dinner with the typical cider house menu: sausage in cider, cod omelette, fried cod with peppers, a good steak and for dessert cheese with quince and nuts. At the same time, you will have cider directly from the barrels during the whole lunch or dinner.